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Manufacturing Business
The Besshi Copper Mine, Opened in 1960, is the genesis of the Sumitomo Group. Sumitomo Heavy Industries., Ltd.'s (SHI's) Niihama Works was established to manufacture and maintain the Besshi Copper Mine's mechanical equipment. The Niihama Works is one of Japan's leading plants, with many large-scale machine tools and a high level of technical capability. SHI provides large-scale precision machining, assembly and trial operation based on these facilities and technology.
The Niihama Works includes a private berth with 160-ton and 300 -ton cranes capable of easily transferring cargo to ships for both domestic and international transportation.
SHI has been certified for both ISO 9001 and ISO14001 for quality assurance and environmental concern respectively.
Manufacturing Business
List of own machine tools
Machine tools Tooling capacity
Type Machine ID Manufacturer Maximum work size
(W × H × L in mm)
Maximum work
weight (in kg)
NC contorol
Planomiller 10NPM WALDRICH 5,500×5,000×19,000 300,000 2-axis
7APM Toshiba Machine 3,500×3,000×9,500 50,000 5-axis w/APC
5APM Toshiba Machine 3,500×2,800×10,000 50,000 2-axis
6APM Toshiba Machine 3,000×2,800×8,000 30,000 2-axis
8APM Toshiba Machine 3,000×2,450×6,500 30,000 2-axis w/APC
3APM Toshiba Machine 2,000×1,050×4,000 8,000 2-axis w/APC
15NB Toshiba Machine 6,000(H)×15,000(L)
Spindle diameter 200
150,000 3-axis /60 T rotary table
20NB Toshiba Machine 4,000(H)×12,000(L)
Spindle diameter 160
20,000 3-axis /30 T rotary table
25NB Toshiba Machine 3,500(H)×10,500(L)
Spindle diameter 160
50,000 2-axis /30 T rotary table
3NB Toshiba Machine 1,800×2,000×2,200
Spindle diameter 130
10,000 2-axis
10NB Kurashiki 1,200×1,250×1,400
Spindle diameter 110
3,000 2-axis w/APC
Jig borer 2JB Dixi 1,350×2,000×1,800 4,000  
Turning center 1NT Toshiba Machine ø6,000×4,000
50,000 2-axis
20NT Toshiba Machine ø3,000×2,600 30,000 2-axis
21NT OM ø2,500×1,900 25,000 2-axis
Planer 2P GIDDINGS & LEWIS 1,500×1,500×5,400 20,000  
Cylidrical grinder 7NG Okuma ø430×2,650 1,200 Grind shaping: 2-axis
Assembly capacity   Shipping berth   Authorized factory
(Designated by following company)
Max. capacity of assembly labor :
14,000 hour/month
Max. hoisting capacity of crane :
Max. bearing capacity of floor :
Height allowance at assembly floor :
up to 18m
: 5.5m
: 200m
: 300t and 160t
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Kawasaki Heavy Industries
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