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PET Radio-Tracer Production System

Sumitomo installed the first in-house cyclotron for PET diagnosis in 1979. Since then Sumitomo has developed technologies of cyclotron for PET and a large number of reference is accumulated as shown in the reference list provided in another section, which shares the majority of market in Japan. The remarkable technology for which Sumitomo is highly reputed in the market is not only cyclotron, but radio chemistry production system, such as FDG synthesis module, Mel module, etc. which are used for experimental study for PET.

PET studies can obtain the functional imaging information such as blood flow or the metabolism of the focused region which is completely different from the conventional X-Ray CT or the MRI morphology imaging information. Recently, PET studies have made the great progress to use the inspection of brain and heart function and the cancer etc.

Sumitomo would deal with cyclotron, target chemistry, and the method of the production of commonly used radio-compounds labeled with the positron-emitters such as 11C 13N 15O and 18F which can be manufactured by in-house cyclotron because of the short half-life.