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Small Type Ion Linac

Sumitomo succeeded in development of miniaturization(less than conventional type 1/2 full length) Linac as an ion injector use for particle therapy ring system for cancer treatment.

The injector consists of the componentries of the typical layout below.

injector layout
  1. ECR type ion source generates 4+C ion 10keV/u energy.
  2. RFQ LInac accelerates 4+C ion to 600keV/u from ECR.
  3. IH type Drift Tube Linac acceslerates to 4MeV/u from RFQ.

Comparison between small type and conventional type

  length power consumption length power consumption
small new 2.4m 120kW 3.4m 340kW
conventional 7.3m 190kW 23.9m 2760kW

Sumitomo Heavy Industries. Ltd. Industrial Equipment Division