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Ring Cyclotron

Ring cyclotron is a kind of AVF cyclotron. The magenets are radially separated several sectors to focus strongly beam. Ring cyclotron
Huge electro-magnet for four-sector cyclotron was installed at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) of Japan.
Combined with a heavy-ion linear accelerator and AVF Cyclotron, this separated sector cyclotrons accelerates variety of particles from proton to uranium.

Characteristics of Ring Cyclotron
Model S-6A S-4A S-4B
Bending system
number of sector magnet 6 4 4
injection radius 2m 0.89m 2.77m
extraction radius 4m 3.56m 4.15m
total weight 2,200t 2,100t 2,800t
Accelerating system
number of RF cavity 3 2 2

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