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Racetrack-shaped microtron is an accelerator combined two half side of cyclotron and linac located at the straight section. Our compact microtron is one of the highest energy injector for SR-ring in world.
microtronlayout of microtron

Characteristics of Racetrack Microtron
Model RM1001 RM1501 RM2001
energy 100MeV 150MeV 200MeV
current 20mA 15mA 10mA
energy spread ±0.15% ±0.1% ±0.07%
Horizontal emittance 1.1πmm·mrad 0.6πmm·mrad 0.4πmm·mrad
Vertical emittance 0.8πmm·mrad 0.4πmm·mrad 0.3πmm·mrad
beam pulse width 0.5-4.0µsec
bem pulse repetion Max.180Hz

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