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AVF Cyclotron

cyclotron must be designed that the average magnetic field can match the mass increase of the accelerated particle. Increasing radially magnetic field causes the axial defocusing. It is solved by provided magnetic field Azimuthally Varing Field.model930 AVF

Photo presented by Tohoku University Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center


Model 370V 480 560 750 930
acceleration energy     
proton (MeV) 18 4-30 5-42 25-70 6-90
duteron (MeV) 9.5 7-15 10-21 12.5-35 10-50
3He 24 11-40 15-52 20-90 16-130
4He (α) 14 14-30 20-42 25-70 20-100
beam current      
proton 50µA 100µA 100µA 100µA 40µA
deuteron 50µA 100µA 100µA 100µA 40µA
3He 10µA 30µA 50µA 30µA 30µA
4He (α) 5µA 50µA 50µA 50µA 50µA