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  • Very economical SR ring
  • Use of normal conducting magnets realized lower costs of construction, operation and maintenance.

  • Thin shielding wall
  • 30cm thick protection wall is enough for the building by placing partial shielding near the ring.

  • Microtron as an Injector
  • The microtron injector used has a small footprint compared with conventional injectors.

  • Warm ring compact possible
  • Specially designed normal conducting magnets can generate 2.7 Tesla twice as high as the field strength of the conventional one to make the compact warm ring possible.
    Optional features

  • Insertion of an undulator
  • Two sets of straight section are prepared for installing undulators.

  • Insertion of a wiggler
  • A self-refrigerating superconducting wiggler can be installed in the straight section.
    Characteristics of AURORA-2D

    Electron Energy : 700 MeVAURORA2S
    Stored Current : 300 mA
    Magnetic Field : 2.7 Tesla
    Critical Wavelength : 1.42nm
    Ports for Beam line : Max. 20
    Injection Energy : 150 MeV


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