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- IoT of Sumitomo - iii-System(i-Cube System)

Don't you want to know what is happening in the molding field now?

iii-System is the production management system of Sumitomo, which has been used by many customers since its release in 2001.
You can automatically collect information such as quality confirmation, status reports, and daily reports and confirm the current situation of the molding field from a distant place.
It will help you with the improvement of efficiency, operation rate, and quality in the field of molding.

Basic functions


  1. 1.Operating status display
    Display of a list of the operation status of the molding machine
  2. 2.Quality monitor
    Confirmation of the quality status of the molding machine
  3. 3.Molding condition management
    Management of the settings of the molding conditions
  4. 4.Molding condition history
    Management of the status of the molding condition changes
  5. 5.Alarm history
    Management of the alarm of molding machines

* Some functions cannot be used depending on the type of the molding machine.


Electronic oriental lamp


i-Cube System Usage details

We installed a projector in the factory and displayed the main screen of iii-System to show the status of the molding machines at a glance. On the main display of iii-System, the latest operation status, the number of productions and molding conditions are displayed so that workers on the site are able to grasp the conditions of the machines in the factory at a glance.

i-Cube System Benefits

  1. 1.Realization of visible management
    We could grasp the current status of the molding field that had been covered so far, which led us to the reform of consciousness on the work place. This helped us to shorten the time from the completion of the production to the preparation of the next production as well as fault release (reduction of the burial loss).
  2. 2.Improvement of productivity
    We could detect the change of false molding conditions at an early stage and became able to minimize the number of defective products (reduction of the burial loss).



i-Cube System Usage details

When you click the right mouse button on any temporal axes of the generalization graph of iii-System to call up the trend/correlation graph, a trend/correlation graph from between the time when the number of shots is least frequent to the time when the number of shots is most frequent around that time is shown. With this function, you can output the trend/correlation graph of molded products of the entire lots by clearing the quality control counter of the molding machine at the beginning of the lot. If this trend/correlation graph is stable, it assures the quality of the molded products (quality report).

i-Cube System Benefits

  1. 1.Realization of reduction of the workforce
    By checking the quality report, only random inspection was regarded as the primary test. This led us to the reduction of time and cost needed for the inspection.
  2. 2.Improvement of the trust from the customers
    We installed a large LCD monitor at the molding field and always monitored the trend/correlation graph. This led us to our appeal of our molding quality management system to our customers.

Daily Report Management


Automatically Writing of Daily Report

You can automatically output the daily report based on the historic molding data accumulated by iii-System. It realizes the visualization of operational status.

Drawing of Daily Report Format

Since the format of daily report can be arranged in the same format as current one, you can save your time and effort of report drawing.