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Complete Closure Type Chamber System SMART CHAMBER

■ An epoch-making performance for prime coater

The SMART CHAMBER enables stable high speed extrusion coating without any pollution problems.

■ No agent scattering via complete sealing design

- Complete closure chamber with special agent feeding system and dedicated gravure roll
    - No volatilization of agent, stable coating quality
    - Good work environment via elimination of scattering and VOC reduction

■Super high speed coating

- Stable coating quality from low speed to super high speed
    - Achieves up to 400 m/min even when running with prime coater

■ Improved labor-saving

- No need to clean scattered filth or scattering prevention cover
    - Automated washing and cleaning mode
    - Improved production efficiency, suitable for small-lot production

■ Prolonged machine life

- Increased the lifetime of the roll surface and doctor blade up to 30%
    - Extends maintenance interval

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