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Automatic Thichness Correcting T-Die for Laminate - SPS7000

■ High Speed Response, Compact and Clean

The SPS7000 uses a patented pneumatic driven torque arm that enables high speed response to thickness correction commands. The air gap inherits the compact design of previous T-dies. And, the clean mechanisms consent safe use on food packaging lines.

■ Feedback Control Using Precision Thickness Measurement

High precision measurements are effectuated with aluminum-sandwiched film, printing substrate and other base materials using a patented compounded measurement system consisting of magnetic and optical sensors. Radiation is not used, so safety is ensured.

■ Excellent Reproducibility via Simple Operation

The automatic calculation function facilitates thickness correction even with products processed for the first time. Moreover, a forming profile memory ensures excellent reproducibility and enables speedy production launches. The finished roll shape can be simulated, which aids production management controls. The controller runs on Windows, so operation seems as easy as with a PC.

Windows is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation of the USA.

Magnetic and optical sensors
Film thickness can be adjusted on the spot by inputting product settings.

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