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Surface Nipping Flexible Roll - FLEX ROLL

The FLEX ROLL is a high performance nip roll that is applicable to a wide range of highly functional sheets. It rolls out sheet of excellent transparency and smoothness at high speed by pressing a flexible metal sleeve with the curved surface.

■ Transparency and Smoothness

A flexible mirror-like metallic sleeve presses evenly against the resin surface to deliver high transparency and smoothness.

■ High Speed, High Quality

Efficient cooling helps to increase production speed. It delivers high quality sheet at high speed without bank formation or seam lines.

■ Low Stress Processing

Less stress is generated in the sheeting process because minimal elongation occurs during resin crystallization.

■ Simple and Highly Practical

The FLEX ROLL is simple in structure and easy to use and maintain. It can be retrofitted on existing equipment.

■ Embossing Applicable

The transfer of embossed patterns on the cooling roll side has been greatly improved.

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