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Automatic Thichness Correcting T-Die - SMART FLIPPER

The SMART FLIPPER is a new automatic thickness correcting T-die for extusion coating line and cast film/sheet production line that brings together our extensive know-how and high level control technology. Its epoch-making performance not seen in earlier T-dies can greatly improve productivity for any user.

■ High Responsiveness

A pneumatic-driven lip adjusting mechanism instantly responds to thickness correction commands, drastically shortening the time normally required for corrections.

■ Stability

Because the pneumatic drive does not affect the heat environment, thickness can be stably maintained at all times.

■ High Reproducibility

Unaffected by external factors, the SMART FLIPPER delivers high reproducibility. And, owing to a memory for holding preset production parameters, mass-production can be speedily launched no matter what the parameters.

■ High Accuracy

High performance is demonstrated in molding of strongly heat-dependent resins and profiles that require a high degree of precision.

■ Low Energy Demand, Low Cost

The SMART FLIPPER runs on an air source of 0.7 MPa and air loss is extremely low, making it an economical tool for efficient production.

■ Clean

The SMART FLIPPER does not require any working fluids and helps users to keep the production environment clean and healthy.

The waveform before adjusting. (Upper: thickness of the film/Lower: pneumatic pressure)
Film thickness can be adjusted on the spot by inputting product settings. Data is constantly fed back from the film thickness gauge to automatically control the pneumatic lip deformer and maintain accuracy in mass-production.

The SMART FLIPPER for laminator introduction video

The SMART FLIPPER for cast line introduction video

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