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Technical Center

The Technical Center is housed inside of Headquarters Plant No. 1. It is outfitted with equipment (see list below) to support customers in their introduction of production machinery, such as 3-kind 5-layer dies for both lamination and sheet, dies for 3-layer blown film and Auto Air Rings. It supports clean room specifications and can meet a wide range of customer development and test needs. For more information or to apply for use, see "Inquiries" above or give us a call.

Combined production line for laminate film, cast film and sheet

■ Technical Center Equipment

Blown Film Test Line
Extruder DEL-65 × 2 (Max output rate: 130 kg/h, screw varieties available)
DEL-50 (Max output rate: 80 kg/h, screw varieties available)
Die DES-100 (Single layer), DEM-3-200 (3-layer), IBC-3-300 (Internally cooled 3-layer), IBC-3-100 (Internally cooled 3-layer), other attachments available
Air ring DMA-3 Auto Air Ring (Automatic thickness deviation correction, continuous non-contact thickness measurement), ALF-B (For high speed forming), other attachments available
Take-up machine OI-1200 (Oscillating type, max. take-up speed: 150 m/min),
DIW-400 (Water-cooled downward output type, max. take-up speed: 60 m/min)
Winder 2-shaft turret bobbin winding
Extrusion Coating/Cast Film/Sheet Test Line
Production system Extrusion coating/Casting Sheet
Layer configuration Single -- 3-kind 5-layer
Extruder E-65 x3
Output: 120 kg/h (LDPE, per one machine)
Max. lip width of T-die 1,200 mm
Operation speed 25~250 m/min 3~30 m/min
Molding system Air chamber/Air knife/Vacuum box/Nip roll FLEX ROLL/Bank/Nip
Unwinder 3” core, max. roll dia. 500 mm -
Auxiliary unwinder 3” core, max. roll dia. 500 mm -
Cooling roll Mirror ø600 mm, ordinary temperature+10 -- 95ºC/Mat ø600 mm, ordinary temperature+10 -- 95ºC Mirror ø400 mm/Mat ø400 mm/Embossment ø400 mm
Annealer Roll 1: Mat ø300 mm, ordinary temperature+10 -- 95ºC
Roll 2: Mirror ø300 mm, ordinary temperature+10 -- 95ºC
Roll 3: Mat ø300 mm, ordinary temperature+10 -- 95ºC
Roll 4: Mirror ø300 mm, 7 -- 30ºC
Roll 2 and 4: Available
Corona treatment Available -
Trimming device Available Available
Winder Upper roll: 3”/6” switching core, Lower roll: 3” core, max. roll dia. 600 mm

Extrusion coating/cast film/sheet test line introduction video

■ Technical Center

8-32-16, Shinyoshida-Higashi, Kohoku-Ku, Yokohama City, 223-8511 Japan
Tel:+81-45-547-7777   Fax:+81-45-547-7717

15 min. by taxi from Shin-Yokohama Station on the Shinkansen Line
10 min. by taxi from Tsunashima Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line
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