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Message/Business Philosophy

■ Message

New products that make life more affluent are constantly being released. We at Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern are helping these wonderful products reach consumers around the world by applying years of extrusion molding technology to building high functional, high efficient and high value added film and sheet production systems.
   New possibilities are achieved through outstanding production systems created by flexible ideas and strong concepts. This is the motto adopted from our involvement in manufacturing.

Yukio Kurokawa, President

■ Business Philosophy

Build partnerships with users allowing mutual creation and process by matching film/sheet production systems developed with advanced technologies and high productivity capabilities to social and market new needs.

Smooth and flexible... A future with endless possibilities

More than 60 years of history, the developmental and technical strengths of a heavy machinery manufacturer, and full production and support systems. These are the business resources that Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern uses to turn out film and sheet production systems.
   We will continue to seek and deliver purpose-specific solutions to the incessantly evolving needs demanded by products of all kinds, from packaging materials for familiar foods, consumer goods and supplies for cutting-edge medical care, to high performance films indispensable to IT and environmental technologies.

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