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Providing industry-best productivity and processing quality Laser Drills

These are the high-speed laser drilling systems, incorporating proprietary twin galvano-scanners. These products provide high productivity, catering to a wide range of processing requirements from package substrates to motherboards. These products can cater to a diverse range of processing conditions and achieve high quality processing for various substrate materials. They are the next-generation CO2 laser drilling systems.


  1. 1High productivity

The high-speed galvano-scanners use proprietary controls. The maximum response frequency is at least 3kHz, which demonstrates high productivity.

  1. 2Direct processing of copper

The high peak output oscillator and proprietary optical design, as well as the optimized processing algorithm have been combined, resulting in a dramatic improvement in quality for the direct processing of copper. The scattering of copper is inhibited and a stable drilling process is possible to reduce the load on the subsequent processes to enable stable mass-production.

  1. 3GPD function

The output of a gas laser is variable. The SLR-700T incorporates, as a standard feature, a pulse monitoring function (GPD), which has been evaluated favorably over the years. This function makes it possible to ensure mass production processing with peace of mind, since weak pulses arising from disturbances and the like will not reach the processing surface.

  1. 4High precision processing

High precision digital galvano-scanners have been utilized to realize a positioning accuracy up to ±10μm. This newly designed processing machine, with an overhauled design for the structure, incorporates a stone machine platen at the base in consideration of the effects of heat from vibrations, as well as featuring a uniquely low center of gravity that makes highly precise processing possible.

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