Inquiry Information and Supplier Registration

Sumitomo Heavy Industries widely invite competitive suppliers for the following inquiring items throughout the world.

Inquiry item list

Inquiry number Item Used product Division in charge
There is no applicable item at the moment.
  1. *1When applying to the above inquiry item, please register as a supplier as follows.
    Please completely fill out the supplier registration form and click the [Send] button.
  2. *2SHI also accepts applications for items other than the above inquiry items.
    In this case, please enter “Z0300” for the inquiry number in the supplier registration form.
  3. *3After confirming the provided information regarding your company, the person in charge of procurement will contact you.
  4. *4Please note that we may not be able to provide an answer for some questions.
  5. *5Inquiry items also include those for SHI affiliates.
  6. *6The provided information shall not be used for uses other than SHI's procurement activities.