Procurement Policy

Sumitomo Heavy Industries aims to provide valuable products and services to satisfy our client's needs. To this end, the Company engages in procurement activities based on the following basic policies:

  • We aim to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with vendors that are price competitive in the global marketplace.
  • We aim to establish an optimal global procurement system by forming relationships with vendors from around the world.
The Company's applies the following standards when selecting vendors:
  • Price competitive, and displays the capacity to achieve continuous cost reductions, quality improvements, performance, reliability, technological development, and VE proposal abilities.
  • Capacity to provide a stable supply of products in compliance with deadlines.
  • Maintenance and aftercare service
  • Management stability

Vendors will be selected based on economic feasibility after considering the above points.

  • In general, vital materials will be procured from multiple vendors through the Procurement Department, which has the final say on transaction decisions.
  • In accordance with the relevant laws and societal norms, no confidential information obtained from a transaction with a vendor will be disclosed to a third party.
  • The Company will make efforts to consider the security of the environment during its procurement of materials.