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Extrusion Coating Line

As an essential tool to the packaging field, this genre of line produces laminated films for packages of confectionary snacks and retort pouch foods, paper cartons of milk and liqueur, and packaging of medicines. A broad lineup of single, tandem, co-extrusion and paper-specific lines can deliver the specifications of a wide range of laminated products. Forming performance that ensures stable high quality and rich equipment variations are how Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern responds to the far-reaching and diversifying needs of today and tomorrow.

■ MLA-SP series

The MLA-SP series of high cost-performing extrusion coating lines inherits its basic performance from the top-selling MLA series. The lines are designed and built for a good balance of precision stability, productivity and cost-performance with an extruder of high output rate that is applicable with diverse resins, a high performance T-die that eliminates trouble and losses via top-rate thickness controllability, a simple, compact and multifunctional prime coater and a winder system equipped with high precision tension control. The MLA-SP series delivers highly efficient production of laminated products such as packaging for foods, sanitary goods and cosmetics.

MLA-SP series introduction video
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■ Single Extrusion Coating Line
    for Flexible Packages

This single extrusion coating line produces flexible packages using OPP, MST, PET or other plastics as base material. It can flexibly meet needs for small lot production, high speed production and more. Owing to a sectional drive system, line tuning and tension adjustments are easy.

■ Tandem Extrusion Coating Line
    for Flexible Packages

This tandem extrusion coating line produces flexible packages using OPP, MST, PA, PET or other plastics as base material. The merits of the tandem configuration is increased by the double AC coater and the double sandwich unwinder and the line offers the maximum power.

■ Single Extrusion Coating Line
    for Cloth

This single extrusion coating line produces laminated products using cloth, Kraft paper, unwoven fabric, etc. as base material. Broad variations that offer diverse specifications from high speed models to large width models are available.

■ Single Extrusion Coating Line
    for Release Paper

This single extrusion coating line coats LDPE or PP on a release paper base. It brings together the rich know-how and latest technologies of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern.

■ Tandem Extrusion Coating Line
    for Beverage Cartons

This tandem extrusion coating line is specifically designed and built to produce paper beverage cartons for milk, liqueur, juice, wine, etc. It further augments the merits of the tandem configuration by enabling 2-sided coating, single-sided double coating, etc.

■ Co-Extrusion Line

This co-extrusion line can laminate multiple layers on a base material by co-extruding differing resins. The resulting products excel in sealing, heat resistance and strength. Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern offers two types of multi-layer extrusion coating T-dies: with dual slots or with multiple manifolds. They are effective for making products that require glueability and low odors such as liquid containers. The combining adapter enables production of multi-layered extruded-coated products when used in conjunction with a single-layer T-die. Layering sequence and thickness ratio between layers can be easily changed.

Dual Slots T-Die

Multiple Manifolds T-Die

Combining Adapter

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