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CAE and Simulation Technology


Computer simulations go a tremendously long way toward enhancing the reliability of our products and facilitating their design procedures. In SHI Group, we have always been spearheading the efforts to be at the forefront in the deployment of computational technologies in various design fields such as structural, thermal, fluid, molecular and so forth.



While keeping close contact with outside simulation software advancements and exploiting the best mix of their advantages, the group is also developing simulators unique in their kind such as Convolutional Molecular Dynamics Simulator. Unlike readily available, "over-the-counter" simulators, it, by calculating the ubiquitous molecular behavior highly effectively, makes it possible to deal with various physical phenomena, whether mechanical or magnetic, micro-scale or large-scale, in one package .


Structural analysis

Thermofluid analysis

Vibration and acoustic analysis

Molecular dynamics

Control simulation


Construction machinery


Speed reducers

Process analysis

Structural analysis of speed reducers


Universal simulator analysis


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