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Quantum and Cryogenics Technology


Cryogenics is the "cradle" of advanced research efforts in SHI Group, and has a background longer than 40 years. The group develops cryocoolers that easily provide an extreme low-temperature ambient indispensable for highly sensitive imaging, sensing as well as measuring devices.


Around cryogenics have been ramified various pertinent technologies in time, and one of them being magnetics. And it has further seen an extension to diverse beam generation and handling technology that includes laser and atomic particles. The group also explores their applications into areas such as medical diagnostics and electronics.



Imaging techniques(PET)

Laser annealing

Cryogenic technology



Semiconductor PET scanner

Laser annealing systems for liquid crystals

Cryogenic devices

Superconducting magnets

4KGM cryocooler

Cryogen free superconducting magnet for MCZ silicon
single crystal growth process

Semiconductor PET scanner
(for medical research and for development of new drugs,
using small animals)