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Sensing and Information Processing Technology


In a world where more and more accent has been being laid on the quality of individual life and environmental sustainability, making our
machines more operator-friendly and less environmentally demanding is a must to continuously be accepted by our customers. To the end are indispensable sensing and information processing technology.
The group focuses on various sensing technology, which eventually contributes to create a sort of "self-aware" machines, and the sensing outputs, combined with information processing technology, provides our machines with the intelligence necessary to optimize the machine operation in terms of environmental as well as safety concerns. The elemental technologies cover image processing,statistical prognosis, discrete data processing and so forth.


Image processing

Optimization processing

Discrete-object analysis

Statistical analysis

Machine learning


Intelligent human-machine interfaces

Designing automated guided-vehicle systems

Visualizing mechanical movements

Guaranteeing process quality

Support systems for proton treatment programs

Surface-grinder visualization

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