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Environmental Biotechnology


Environmental technology has a long history in SHI Groups R&D, which dates back to the mid-1960s. Since that time have we been nurturing technological basis in biology as well as physical chemistry to contribute to the expansion of environmental businesses in SHI Group.


Currently the group focuses on elemental technologies that facilitate water/sewage treatment, separation, and purification processes,among them being microbial flocculation and analysis technology.


Biological treatments

Microbial flocculation

Analysis of microbial communities
(DNA analysis)

Physicochemical treatments

Separating solids and liquids

High-density ozone water


High-density organic-wastewater treatment

Anaerobic treatment of wastewater

Separating solids and liquids

Producing high-density ozone water

Biotechnology for treating wastewater

Separating solids and liquids

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