Software Development for Lotus Notes and Domino Solutions


Mobile Solutions for Lotus Notes and Domino

sMobile is a mobile solution for secure access to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino from mobile phones, as well as from smartphones, such as iPhones and Android devices. Being able to use Lotus Notes from wherever a user may be improves productivity and customer satisfaction.
In addition to email and scheduling functions, customers are also able to use customized databases that they have created. Furthermore, the software incorporates functions specific to Lotus Notes, such as synchronization of read and unread emails, conference invitation emails, and document links.


PC asset management solution (for Lotus Notes)

LAM-INV for Notes is a non-resident application that does not need to be installed on a PC. It not only gathers inventory information, but also automatically collects information about users and departments, simplifying the management of licenses or ISMS information assets.
Data transmissions from the PC are conducted by SMTP. This enables unified management of PCs within a corporate group or management of PCs at overseas affiliates due to the support of multiple languages, making this a solution that can be applied globally. It is also possible to manage Windows PCs that do not have Lotus Notes installed.

Product lines

sMobile sMobile is a mobile solution for corporations, specifically intended for Lotus Notes.
LAM-INV for Notes LAM-INV for Notes is an asset management solution for PCs that use Lotus Notes databases.

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