Energy conservation (multi operation), stable performance and reduced down time (exhaust performance, etc.)

Cryopumps are high vacuum pumps that have an ultra-cold temperature panel installed inside a vacuum vessel. Gas molecules inside the vessel are condensed or absorbed in the panel and then discharged. They are utilized for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and the like, which require a clean environment. The high reliability, arising from the use of the GM refrigerator, which is a forte of the SHI Group, is a feature of this product line.


Notes on cryopumps

This is a type of vacuum pump.
Vacuum pumps are categorized into gas transporting types and gas accumulating types. They are also classified into roughing vacuum pumps and high vacuum pumps, according to the operating pressure range. Roughing vacuum pumps may be oil-sealed rotary vacuum pumps or dry roughing vacuum pumps. High vacuum pumps can be turbo molecular pumps, cryopumps, sputter ion pumps or oil diffusion pumps.

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Cryopumps have the following characteristics:

  • Fast discharge rate (particularly for steam)
  • The maximum discharge flow rate is large, even though this is an accumulating type
  • A completely oil-free vacuum can be obtained
  • Periodic discharging of accumulated gas (regenerating operation) is required
  • The discharge of a chemical gas is not possible.

The SHI Group sells two brands of cryopumps, SICERA® and Marathon®.
SICERA® is an abbreviation of the Sumitomo Inverter-integrated cryopump, which has an energy reduction advantage and the following features:

  • (Multiple pump system for which individualized control)
    Up to seven pump units can be operated with a single compressor
  • (High reliability)
    The refrigerators for cryopumps have excellent track records
  • (High energy saving effects)
    Energy consumption is reduced to less than half that of conventional units through optimized operations
  • Long regeneration cycles and short regenerating times.
  • Totally automated regeneration.

Marathon®, the other brand of pump, is produced by Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc., and it has the following features:

  • A unique panel design
  • A large discharge capacity for hydrogen gas
  • A long regeneration cycle and short regenerating time
  • Supports a wide range of applications, from eight to 20 inches in size

Similar to cryogenic freezers, the global network of the SHI Group includes sites in the United States (three locations), United Kingdom, Germany, and China, where sales and service operations are conducted. We are about to establish a support framework for the growing Asian market as well.

Product lines

SICERA® Multiple unit operation is possible, offering energy saving effects with inverter control.
Marathon® Supports a wide range of sizes.

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