Laser Annealing

Laser annealing equipment for FPD and semiconductors

FPDs: Optimum systems that accommodate a variety of glass sizes, with successful domestic production for all components, including the SHI Group's proprietary technologies, such as two-laser and two-chamber systems, etc.

Semiconductors: This solid state laser annealing equipment makes it possible to perform unique double pulse processes. The development of next generation processes is supported with high repeating rates and a high pulse energy stability that are maintenance free and in a compact design.


Laser annealing equipment for FPD

Domestically produced excimer laser oscillator with high output
A laser oscillator that has a long life and high pulse energy stability has been incorporated. Its combination with unique optical systems achieves a stable processing surface profile.
High operating rates
The SHI Group's proprietary TWIN method resolved the issues with excimer lasers, specifically frequent maintenance and long down times for equipment. The two-laser and two-chamber system makes it possible to proceed with operation and maintenance at the same time to reduce the down time of the equipment.
Support organization
Domestic production of all units, including the laser oscillator and optical system, makes it possible to consistently support the entire system. Furthermore, the adoption of a trolley maintenance structure makes it possible to significantly reduce the maintenance costs in comparison with the Bessel replacement method.

Laser annealing equipment for semiconductors

High pulse energy stability
An energy feedback function has been incorporated. A surface internal uniformity of σ≤1% has been attained.
Double pulse control
The temperature distribution and time in the direction of depth are controlled by a unique double pulse process. An annealing process at high temperatures is possible even with temperature restrictions.

Product lines

Excimer laser annealing equipment for liquid crystals The ELA series of products was developed in the pursuit of modularization, with our own laser and optical systems. We provide systems optimally suited for the requirements of our customers.
Solid state laser annealing equipment for semiconductors High performance solid state laser annealing equipment that supports double pulse processes. This product promotes the development of next generation processes.

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