Ion Implanters

SHX-III/S (single wafer high current ion implanter)

This is the latest compact model in the SHX series with the combination of beam scans and mechanical scans, incorporated for the first time in the world, in order to make high precision and high quality implantations with extremely low energy level ions.


  • Supports 300mm wafers.
  • Applicable for next generation processes (20 to 22nm nodes).
  • Energy range
    • Minimum: 0.2keV
    • Maximum: 60keV
  • A high beam current of 200eV supports mass production.
  • High productivity with a high-speed transport system.
  • The compact design contributes to the minimization of its footprint.
  • A uniform beam size and beam divergence angle, as well as a high degree of beam parallelism and reproducibility, are achieved over the entire surface of the wafers.
  • A high degree of energy purity is secured for extremely low energy levels.
  • Metal contamination and cross contamination is reduced to a minimum.
  • The superior plasma shower system prevents a static build-up in wafers.
  • Highly reliable with easy to maintain.
  • The MIND system compensates for unevenness that occurs in other processes to contribute towards an improvement in the productivity and yield ratio of the entire process.

Product lines

High current ion implanter series A global standard is delivered for high current equipment with a superior beam quality for extremely low energy sources and high currents
Medium current ion implanter series The "MC3 series" of products control many parameters, such as energy, dosage, implantation angle, etc., with high precision.
High energy ion implanter series The "UHE" line of products feature the 18 stage acceleration resonator that responds to an energy range up to 8.0MeV.

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