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Break & Breakthrough ... the Zero-molding

Zero-molding aims to bring waste, defects and trouble vectors as close to zero as possible.
We have pursued broader functioning and technological innovation that has enhanced the potential of our fully electric molding machines.
All of these technologies are taking you to Zero-molding.


MCM (Minimum Clamping Molding)

MCM uses means for detecting the minimum clamp force so as to enable molding at a low clamp force. Because clamp force is not applied beyond what is necessary, the benefits are far-reaching : reduced defects caused by gas, longer mold maintenance cycles, less damage to mold parts and reduced power consumption.

The SE-EV Series incorporates a linear guide support for the moving platen, a highly rigid frame and a high precision nozzle touch feature. Together, they improve precision at low clamp force in the form of clamping accuracy, clamp force balance, planarity and surface pressure. As a result, molding is stable even at extremely low clamp force.

The SE-EV Series

8 cavities coil bobbin

FFC (Flow Front Control)

FFC optimizes flow control. This is made possible by ISC (Intelligent Servo Control) with a direct drive system at its core. Besides eliminating burrs and short shots, it markedly improves filling balance.

  • FFC evolved with the latest ISC II
The screw is accurately controlled by employing the latest advances in servo control to control low inertia, high response servomotors. Moreover, enhanced accuracy in injection pressure and weighing speed detection makes plasticization, filling and pressure holding processes more precise and stable. And, filling pressure is lower and more balanced.

SPS (Simple Process Setting)

SPS gives top priority to operator operability, by adopting an operating system that allots a separate screen for each operation instead of setting up operations function by function as was done with earlier systems.
Because a series of operations are set up on a single screen, operation is simple and free of errors and overlooked settings.

  • For mistake-free operation
Operating keys are laid out to enhance operability when mounting molds and setting molding conditions, and to prevent accidents and mold damage caused by operational mistakes.
  • Intuitive touch-screen operation
Screens appearing on the 15.1-inch touch panel haveintuitive designs with multiple pictograms that make operation easy even for first-timers.

NC10 Controller

Product lines

Full Electric Injection Molding Machine
We bring you SE-EV series, a new series of machines developed and designed to draw out the maximum potential of Zero-molding. The SE-EV series integrates powerful software and hardware to run that software to perfection into a graceful form that spells unparalleled potential for users.
Full Electric Injection Molding Machine
Loaded with a direct drive mechanism, which feature high horsepower with a high responsiveness. Exceptional precision and high stability are achieved to respond to a wide range of forming requirements.
Full Electric Injection Molding Machine
Covers a mold clamping force range of 2,150 to 4,410kN. Stable moldings are possible with an emphasis placed on cost performance as well.
Full Electric Injection Molding Machine
Realizing low inertia and highly responsive injections. This environmentally considerate model is a fully motorized unit and realizes an injection performance that rivals hydraulic equipment with an accumulator.
Ultra High-Speed All-Electric Injection Molding Machine
Ultra high-speed and highly responsive features were made possible by combining the direct drive mechanism and the servo control. This product demonstrates a performance that is effective for forming thin molded goods.

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