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The SHI Group contributes to improving QOL in cancer treatments

Radiation therapy is rapidly becoming popular as a cancer treatment method that is gentle to the body. Proton beam therapy in particular is attracting attention as a treatment method that can actually improve the quality of life (QOL), as it is possible to perform this therapy without any incisions. The dosage of radiation applied to normal tissue is reduced with proton beam therapy and the radiation dosage is concentrated only on the cancer cells, which are the targets of the treatment. It can supply a sufficient dosage of radiation to parts in the body which had been difficult to reach with conventional irradiation methods.


Reliable accelerator technology for medical applications

In 1998 the SHI Group delivered a proton beam therapy cancer treatment system to be installed in the the National Cancer Center Hospital East, which was the first in Japan (and second in the world for clinical application). The proton beam therapy system of the hospital was approved as a highly advanced medical treatment in 2001 and the system continues to provide stable operation to this day.

Configuration of proton beam therapy systems

Proton beam therapy systems available from the SHI Group are comprised of an accelerator that accelerates protons (cyclotron), an energy selection system (ESS) for adjusting irradiation energy, a beam transport system for transporting proton beams, rotating gantry irradiation equipment for delivering radiation to a patient, as well as horizontally fixed irradiation equipment, etc. (This system has been approved as medical equipment by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.)

Short irradiation time

It is possible to continuously supply proton beams with a high intensity using a cyclotron as an accelerator. This means that the proton beam irradiation time can be kept to an extremely short duration, which reduces the load on the patient, and it is highly adaptable for the irradiation of respiratory organs (such as lungs or liver, etc.). It is also highly adaptable for advanced irradiation technologies. Other than the above, it is also possible to reduce construction costs for the building, since it is possible to keep the installation area small.

Support framework for peace of mind

The SHI Group is the only Japanese manufacturer that delivers complete proton beam therapy systems in Japan from its development through to after sales services, with an established framework for providing rapid responses to support cancer treatment in Japan. The dispatch of operators is provided by SHI Accelerator Service Ltd., (our wholly owned subsidiary).

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