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The SHI Group continues to lead leader in the synthesis of tracer RI for PET scans

PET scans demonstrate significant effects for the image diagnosis of tumors, cerebral infarctions and cardiovascular diseases. Tracer RIs, such as the 18F-FDG, which is used for identifying the position of cancer by accumulating at the cancer nidus, are essential for PET scans, which have been adopted by many medical institutions.
The medication synthesis systems for PET available from the SHI Group make it possible to synthesize tracer RIs in a safe and stable manner.


An in-house synthesis system is provided for tracer RIs, encompassing nuclear species manufacturing to the administration of medications.

Flow of medication synthesis

Cyclotron, Synthesizing equipment, Quality control equipment, Medication administering equipment
Synthesizing equipment
Radioactive isotopes produced by a cyclotron are synthesized to become tracer RIs. Synthesizing equipment that supports the synthesis of tracer RIs for 18F-FDG, Fcholine, NAF, FDOPA, 11C-Methionone, 13N-NH3, and 15O-gas or 15O-H2O is available, with requests taken to create synthesis equipment for research or medical purposes.
The ample product line includes low running cost models, simplified cassette type models, as well as high absorption rate models.
Quality control equipment
Quality screenings are conducted on tracer RIs produced by synthesis equipment. Quality screenings are automated and are effective for reducing the radiation exposure of medication testers, to improve work operational efficiency, as well as to sort out the ledgers of the screening results.
Medication administering equipment
Automatically administers tracer RIs to test subjects. It is effective for reducing the radiation exposure of medication testers, as well as improve work operational efficiency.

Support framework for peace of mind

The SHI Group is the only Japanese manufacturer delivering cyclotrons for PET and providing support for PET diagnostics in Japan, from development through to after sales service, backed by an infallible framework.
(A manufacturing location was established in Niihama City, in Ehime Prefecture, with service sites established at eight locations nationwide from Hokkaido to Kyushu in order to provide speedy service.)
Operation training given at the launch of a facility, as well as the dispatch of operators, are provided by the SHI Accelerator Service Ltd., (our wholly owned subsidiary).

Product lines

18F-FDG synthesis equipment
This is equipment for preparing 18F-FDG radioactive medications for PET from nuclear species produced by a cyclotron
15O gas synthesis equipment
This is equipment for preparing 15O gas radioactive medications for PET from nuclear species produced by a cyclotron
Q-200 automatic quality control equipment This is equipment for remotely conducting quality verifications of 18F-FDG radioactive medications produced by 18F-FDG synthesis equipment
Medication administering equipment
This is equipment for administering 18F-FDG radioactive medications to test subjects

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