Automated Guided Vehicles: Roll Transport System

Clean roll handling system proposed, with theme of high density storage and automated transfers

Roll transport systems from the SHI Group are comprised of an unmanned transport vehicle for transporting rolls within a manufacturing plant, an automated warehouse for rolls, as well as the Roll Manufacturing Management System (RMeS) that combines these to manage the entire process from the stocking of whole rolls to retrieving of product rolls.
The Automated Unmanned Roll Delivery and Retrieval Vehicle (RDRV), the first of its kind, which the SHI Group led the world in developing, has been rated highly in industries related to highly functional films, which are a component of FPDs, as well as battery related industries.


Automated deliveries to production equipment achieved through RDRV

The transfer of rolls to production equipment, such as coaters, can be achieved using the SHI Group's proprietary technologies. There are three major benefits of the automated transfer equipment:

  • The generation of dust and the like, generated during transfers, is minimized, thereby contributing to the consistency of product quality.
  • Dangerous work operations that involve the handling of heavy objects are reduced to improve safety in the workplace.
  • Reduced labor can lead to a reduction in manufacturing costs.

Automated roll warehouse that achieves high density storage

Automated roll warehouses, available from the SHI Group, achieve storage transfers within a manufacturing plant according to intended applications and without the use of pallets. The storage efficiency is high and space can be utilized effectively. Since there is no need to transport empty pallets, the delivery and retrieval lead times are also shortened.

Roll Manufacturing Management System: RMeS

The process performance data (production recipe management, production conditions, inspection results, the equipment operating status, as well as disturbance factors), linked with production plans, is collected by conducting progress management, in addition to inventory management and delivery and retrieval management.
Since the status of continuous and consistent production of roll-to-roll type manufacturing can be managed in real time, a more detailed quality control becomes possible.

Product lines

Automated Pallet Warehouses Track records in a wide range of industries, ranging from product storage within manufacturing plants to product backyards in the logistical industry.
Automated Case Warehouses Direct handling of packets that contain small items, such as machinery and electronic components, apparel, miscellaneous items, as well as carton cases that contain packaged products.
WMS eS Series The status of all processes from logistic centers to distribution, which encompasses delivery to picking, as well as shipping, is made visible in real time. Optimized processing functions are also incorporated, which are suitable for the characteristics of orders received on a day to day basis.

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