1 to 3.5-ton Engine-type Forklift QuaPro

If you want it all, select QuaPro

Features required of forklifts in the new era: Workability, comfort, economic performance, safety. This engine-type forklift is sure to satisfy all these requirements.

  • More productive.
  • More professional.
  • More profitable.
  • More progressive.

Introducing forklifts that achieve all these four (quad) "Pro's". Unloading work evolves significantly with the "QuaPro".



Power, agility and workability were pursued from multiple perspectives. Its power and speed enables quick work operations. Work efficiency will improve dramatically. We invite you to feel that power.


Easy to operate with reduced worker fatigue.
The control section achieves comfortable workability with reduced vibration and noise. Specifications for comfort have been developed with room to move in consideration for personnel.

Economic performance

Maintenance is easy with daily inspections carried out easily. This extends the life of the vehicle and reduces costs.
The highly reliable design makes maintenance easy, while reducing lifetime vehicle costs.


Safety of the maintenance vehicle and vehicle preservation are secured.
An easily viewable full-size LCD display has been installed for easy vehicle management with views of the operating hours updated on a daily basis.
The interlocking mechanism gives peace of mind, whether someone is on or off the vehicle.
A two-stage switching speed limiter (vehicle speed control function) is available.

Product lines

Forklifts Available from 0.9 tons to 48 tons, with an array of options and attachments for active operations at many work sites.
Attachments Optimum attachments for unloading work operations are available. The Engineering Department at headquarters is capable of meeting any customer's requirements, even custom specifications.
Logistic equipment and accessories A diverse range of logistic equipment and accessories is available to fulfill various needs.

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