Material Handling Machinery and Systems: Continuous Ship Unloader (Bucket-Elevator Type)

Operations are simple, working hours are short and environmentally friendly for "Continuous Unloaders from the SHI Group"

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Material Handling Systems Co., Ltd is the general transport cargo handling equipment manufacturer of the SHI Group.

The SHI Group caters to customers in a wide range of industries, including steel making, electric power supplies, ship building and port service industries, in response to a full range of requirements from planning and developing products through to general engineering and after sales services that span the entire life cycle of products.

One of the core products is the continuous type unloader (bucket-elevator type), which was developed with the aim of rationalizing and raising the efficiency of cargo handling. The first unit was delivered in 1976 and since then numerous deliveries have been made, principally to electric power plants and steel mills both within and outside Japan.


The following four aspects represent the principal features of the continuous unloaders available from the SHI Group.

Highly responsive to environmental conditions (reduction of vibration, noise and dust, as well as prevention of oil contamination and conservation of energy)

  • Structure of material pathway is sealed
  • Water sprinkler system is installed
    (in vicinity of excavating section, as well as shoot section)
  • Drive system is motorized
    (excluding cylinder system)

High cargo handling efficiency (short unloading time)

  • Three modes of digging functions (Horizontal L-mode, Swing-out digging mode and Catenary bottom clean-up mode)
    • Swing (responds to maneuvers leading all the way inside a hatch)
    • Catenary (cleaning up is possible)
      Horizontal L-mode, Swing-out digging mode, Catenary bottom clean-up mode
  • Traverses interlocked system (operational support)
  • Unloading peak rate control (reduces the scale of backend transport facilities)

High reliability and safety (stable operation)

  • Overload protection system (prevention of structural fatigue)
  • Fatigue and life management system (stress monitoring and life forecasting) (optional)

    Overload prevention and fatigue life management system

  • JIS certified fatigue and life design

Outstanding maintainability (reduced maintenance)

  • Motorization of drive system
  • Elimination of bucket chains
  • Condition monitoring system

Product lines

Overhead Cranes The SHI Group responds to various needs ranging from small to medium size ordinary overhead traveling cranes, to large-scale ladle cranes.
Jib Crane/Luffing Crane These cranes are installed on wharfs. The optimum model will be proposed according to the application.
Bridge /Gantry crane For example, Goliath cranes are in active use for the transport of large blocks at shipbuilding yards, The optimum model will be proposed according to the application.
Hybrid Technology The Sybrid System achieves a reduction in fuel consumption by about 60% when mounted on transfer cranes, etc. Installation is possible on existing equipment as well.
Continuous Ship Unloader Optimum equipment can be selected for the continuous type, from the bucket elevator type, twin belt type and the vertical screw type, according to the materials handled, vessels, and unloading capacities.
Stock Yard Equipmen This system handles coal and mineral ore in an efficient manner when stocking, unloading or loading.
Others The optimum model will be proposed according to the application.
Services business We seek to maintain stable business operations for our customers, with an assortment of services, such as inspections, parts replacement, overhauls, facility diagnostics, remote maintenance, etc.
Various services for logistic products delivered by the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Material Handling Systems Co., Ltd are also provided.

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