Hydraulic Excavators

Well-made excavators

Hydraulic excavators from the SHI Group display an overwhelming economic performance, which was demonstrated when the Grand Prize for Energy Conservation was awarded, the first product in the industry to achieve this.
The eco-friendly hydraulic excavators from the SHI Group operate worldwide and contribute to a reduction in the environmental burden on a global scale.


Well-made mobility performance

The operator feels as if he has become an integral part of the hydraulic excavator.
We promise unprecedented operability and power.

Well-made economic performance

Meeting the needs of business executives. Development was conducted with fuel economy, durability, maintainability and other such aspects in mind.

Well-made comfort performance

The cab design resulted from the pursuit for an ergonomic design.
This is a space created with particular care, through the pursuit of excellence in terms of workability, comfort and safety.

Product lines

Hydraulic Excavators Hydraulic excavators
Minimum rear swing radius excavators
Minimum swing radius excavators
Application units Magnet specifications
Magnet grapple combined specifications
Magnet with fork specifications
Harbor and electric furnace use
Wheel-type material handlers
Automobile recyclers
Forestry machines
Building dismantlers
Super long reaches
Crane specifications

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