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Asphalt finishers from SHI Group have top market share in Japan

By implementing cutting edge technology with SHI's asphalt finishers continue to evolve as road surfaces evolve.
The "HA60W", which integrates the environmental aspects and safety required in this age, maintains the highest paving accuracy and operating performance in its class and continues to evolve into the future.


Power & Ecology

A new type of engine that clears the third standards for exhaust gas emissions and an advanced 4WD system, both attain a work performance and environmental performance.

Performance & Technology

Responding flexibly to a diverse range of construction conditions with a composite feeding capacity that has power to spare, the adjustment function and the SHI Group's proprietary J-paver screed feature, in addition to telescopic screw specifications and hot air SP specifications.

Operation & Automation

Cutting edge technologies have been incorporated for operability and automation in order to provide total support for construction work.

Safety & Maintenance

Many features have been included for the safety system, maintainability and storability.

Options & Specifications

More options are available for convenience of use
(collapsible canopy, fixed side plate, etc.).

Product lines

Asphalt Finisher
(wheel type)
Asphalt Finisher
(crawler type)
Asphalt Finisher
(special type)
Tack coat paver
Multi-asphalt paver
Mini Asphalt Finisher
(wheel type)
Mini Asphalt Finisher
(crawler type)
Tire Roller  
Macadam Roller  

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