Industrial Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Extensive experience and numerous technologies are used to propose optimum solutions for a diverse range of industrial waste water treatments

Waste water treatment facilities play an important role in supporting business operations by purifying the water, once its important role in business activities has been fulfilled, then discharging it in a way that does not impact the environment.
The SHI Group considers waste water treatment facilities, which can be operated in a stable manner with minimal costs and personnel, to be a valuable contribution to the business of our customers with proposals relating to energy conservation, cost savings and higher efficiency, while resolving a diverse range of problems of waste water treatment facilities.


High-speed coagulation sedimentation equipment, Sumi-Thickener®

This high-speed coagulation sedimentation equipment provides clean treated water by quickly separating suspended solids (SS), contained in waste water. A unique structure makes it possible to form flocs with good sedimentation characteristics and less chemical injections than in the past, with the aim of improving the elimination of SS by creating a uniform flow inside the tanks and increasing the concentration of drawn sludge by efficient condensation, achieving a compact system that offers a high performance.

This equipment is used for the coagulation sedimentation of waste water (food product waste water, paper and pulp waste water, grinding waste water and yard waste water treatment), pre-treatment and tertiary treatment of activated sludge, fluoride treatment, etching waste water treatment, plating waste water treatment, heavy metal waste water treatment, raw salt water clarification, pulp caustification green liquor clarification, magnesium hydrate manufacturing, silver recovery, primary treatment of service water, etc., and it has been highly rated for these uses.

Furthermore, the unit type equipment "Sumi-Thinner® SMT-U" has been standardized for small scale waste water treatment and as it is processed, assembled, operation tested and shipped from the manufacturing plants, delivery can be made in a short time with a significant reduction in the onsite construction period, with dramatically improved quality.

High efficiency anaerobiotic waste water treatment equipment Bioimpact®

This energy saving waste water treatment equipment uses anaerobes to efficiently decompose highly concentrated organic polluted matter.


Small motive power requirements
Aerating motive power for feeding air is not required.
Waste materials reduced
The amount of waste sludge is a maximum of only one-tenth of that produced with aerobic treatment.
Stable treatment
Capable of handling load fluctuation, such as waste water concentration and waste water quantity.
Rapid construction
After initial setup, the system is erected vertically.
Energy recovery
Biogas can be recovered and used as "biomass energy".

In addition to the unit type "Bioimpact® module", a line of systems that can handle a wide range of waste water quantities and BOD concentrations are available.

Product lines

  • Compact and high performance
  • Uniform distribution of inflow water
  • Coagulation floc with superior sedimentation characteristics
  • Less chemical injection compared to previous systems
  • Concentrations of SS in treated water reduced
  • Drawn sludge concentration improved
High efficiency anaerobiotic waste water treatment equipment Bioimpact®
  • Capable of handling high load operations
  • Aeration motive force is not required
  • Effective use of biogas is possible
  • Generated sludge dramatically reduced in comparison with activated sludge treatment
Sludge volume reduction facility SATChel®
  • Solubilization (sludge volume reduced) of initial sedimentation of sludge and waste sludge (activated sludge) realized through a simple flow process
  • Solubilization rate of 40 to 65%
  • Solubilization accomplished in a single tank
  • Excess caustic soda is effectively used in anaerobic treatment
Immersed film treatment facilities
  • Clarification of water by precise filtering film
  • Compact with no sedimentation tank
  • No need to worry about outflow of sludge, due to bulking. Stable separation of solids and liquids made possible by year-round immersed film

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