IB Series Type P1 Planetary Gears for Servo Motor Applications

The Motion Control Drive from the SHI Group can be used in a wide range of applications where precision controls are needed.

  • Backlash: 3min and 15min
  • Rated torque: 10.5Nm to 101Nm
  • Motor capacity: 50W to 5.0kW
  • Reduction gear ratio: 1/3.7, 1/5, 1/9, 1/11, 1/15, 1/21, 1/33, 1/45 and 1/81
  • Input rotation: Supporting 6,000rmp (dimension numbers P110 and P120)
  • Speed reducing method: Planetary gear mechanism


Industry top-class compactness

The compactness and high rigidity of a casing with internal gears.
The dimensions and weight have been decreased significantly for products with a low reduction ratio, as well as the mid capacity range.

High precision and high rigidity

A large radial load can be sustained with a compact casing, since a large diameter precision angular bearing has been adopted for supporting the output shaft.

Output shaft variations

Three types of variation are available.
Selections can be made according to the applications of our customers.

Solid shaft type keyless

Flange shaft type

Solid shaft type keyed

Motor assembly

A flange for the installation of a servo motor is available (compatible with products by major servo motor manufacturers).
Installation is easy. Once the servo motor and reduction gears are directly connected, using a bolt (supplied by the customer), tighten the built in clamp bolt with a hexagonal wrench to secure the input shaft and the product is ready to use straightaway.

Servo motor keyless type

Input shaft clamp

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