Paramax® 9000 Series of Large Gear Reduction Drives

Providing functions at the core of industry with a history that spans over half a century and proprietary technologies: The Paramax® 9000 series

Paramax® drives have earned an impressive track record, spanning over half a century, as universal gearboxes for general industries. Almost all the components and parts, such as gears, shafts and cases, have been standardized with component parts combined in a systematic manner, in order to offer both short delivery times and high quality. A sales record in excess of 400,000 units, since the launch of the series, proves their high reliability.
The Paramax® 9000 series of products satisfy various needs demanded by industry as they demonstrate exceptional performance, such as advanced strength, and low noise with an increased heat capacity, thereby expanding the range of applications in a broad field of key industries.


Strong gears

The pressure angle of ordinary gears is 20 degrees, whereas gears of the Paramax® products have a pressure angle of 25 degrees. This makes it possible to secure thickness at the root of the teeth to enhance their strength. This has made it possible to design gear boxes with a high load tolerance that are highly resistant against shock loads.

Gear teeth of 9000 series products (pressure angle: 25 degrees)

Ordinary gear teeth (pressure angle: 20 degrees)

Improved heat capacity

Cooling effects have been improved significantly through the adoption of a new design for the cooling fan and cooling air duct cover.
This prevents the lubricating oil from deteriorating and overheating the main body of the reduction gears, making it possible to easily carry out operations under severe usage conditions, such as continuous operation.

Low noise

An FEM analysis made it possible to enhance the rigidity of the reducer case, inhibiting deformations when loaded as much as possible, to secure favorable teeth contact.
Noise generated from the teeth engaging with the gears has been reduced to a minimum to achieve low noise.

FEM analysis of housing


The product line of Paramax® drives offers an array of options and includes products that have been specially designed for applications, such as cooling fans, extruders, cranes, water gate opening and closing, as well as generic products. This assortment of products is able to fulfill the various requirements of our customers.

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