Communication with the Local Community

Holding classes on the environment

Scenes of our class in session

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Environment Co., Ltd. held classes on the environment in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

The difference between clean water and polluted water was explained to the children in the class, who learned about the importance of protecting river and ocean environments.

We had the children look through actual microscopes and conduct an experiment in how powdered activated charcoal can make polluted water clean.

We intend to continue these activities in the future, and to convey the importance of environmental protection to the children.

Participating actively in local community events

Volunteers who participated in the sports day

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group takes an active part in events in local communities, as well.

The Niihama Factory took part in the Saijo City Ofuki Area Friendship Sports Day as part of the Ehime Prefecture Support Group Matching Project for Healthy Village Development, with the aim of regional revitalization. Many people here in the Ofuki area are elderly, so the sports days suffered from a shortage of participants. Upon the community's request, we sent three of our people to take part. The weather was fine on the day of the event, and it was a very enjoyable and meaningful day of exchange with members of the local community as well as with many other volunteers.

Cleanup activities

In the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group, we carry on regular cleanup activities in the areas around our works.
We also participate in cleanup activities organized by local government bodies and volunteer groups.

In addition to cleanup activities in the neighborhood of our works, during fiscal year 2012 the Nagoya Works and Sumitomo NACCO Materials Handling Co., Ltd. also participated in the Adopt Program* organized by Obu City in Aichi Prefecture, while the Niihama Factory took part in the Adopt Program of Niihama City. All these activities involve continuing engagement in cleanup of neighboring areas.

In addition, the Saijo Factory and SEN Corporation took part in the "Refresh Setouchi" Inland Sea cleanup activities at Takasu Beach in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture.
This Takasu Beach is the only natural sand beach still remaining in Saijo City, and the community hopes to protect the environment there.

This activity started in 1993, and this year is its 21st year. It is a major event for volunteer activity in the city.

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group will continue with this commitment to beautification of the local environment.

Adopt Program
This is a volunteer campaign in which people designate a public facility, such as a park or a footpath, and register it with the city. They then pick up trash, water the plants, and weed the designated facility so that people will be able to enjoy using it.

Cleanup (Niihama Factory)

Group employees who participated in cleanup of Takasu Beach in Saijo City

Traffic safety measures

Traffic safety training
/ Handing out year-end traffic safety leaflets

Our Group is a member of local Traffic Safety Associations and as such we participate in traffic safety campaigns.
We also hold lectures in all of our districts to heighten awareness of traffic safety among Group employees, and we seek the cooperation of transportation contractors that carry loads into and out of our factories.

The Nagoya Works and Sumitomo NACCO Materials Handling Co., Ltd. regularly take on traffic monitoring duties, and they are actively cooperating on traffic safety with local communities.

The Yokosuka Works participated in the yearend traffic accident prevention campaign, distributing leaflets calling for traffic safety. The campaign was focused on the following three points:
(1) Eradication of drunk driving
(2) Prevention of traffic accidents involving pedestrians (especially elderly people) and bicycles
(3) Making sure that everyone fastens their seatbelts and that child seats are properly used

We also conduct traffic safety training at the head office for members of the sales and service divisions and other employees who drive company vehicles.

Cooperation with Safety Training and Emergency Drills for Police Department Personnel

Drill with vehicle for high-lift work
/ Experiencing electric shock
/ Training with jacks

The Yokosuka Works provided cooperation for personnel of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, the Taura Police Department, and the Uraga Police Department who are members of Emergency Management and Countermeasures Departments through safety training and emergency drills. We also offered the use of our Safety Training Center.

The drills covered a wide range, including rescue drills using vehicles for high-lift work, experiential training about electric shock, practice in using chain hoists in scenarios for rescue of people trapped under collapsed structures, practice in using jacks in scenarios for rescue of people trapped under collapsed structures, instruction on dealing with people whose hands get caught up when using motors, experiential training in hanging by a safety harness, instruction in the use of gas cutting torches, and instruction on using forklifts for rescue.

Employees who led the drills were impressed.
Some remarked that seeing the trainees work so hard at learning was a learning experience for them, as well, while others observed that the trainees were disciplined and energetic, and left a very good impression.

Cooperation with Blood Donation Drives

A blood drive under way
/ An award ceremony

Group collaboration with blood donation drives has continued over many years, and for our employees, this is the social contribution activity they feel most familiar with. In fiscal year 2012, a total of 1,107 Group members donated blood.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Co., Ltd. was recognized for its many years of cooperation with blood drives by the Japan Red Cross, which presented it with a Silver Border Letter of Commendation. The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group is committed to continuing these efforts with lifesaving blood donation drives.