Social Contribution Activities

With the employees taking the initiative, we are planning and implementing activities that serve as social contributions in each region.

Biodiversity Measures

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group endorses the biodiversity declaration issued by Nippon Keidanren (the Japan Business Federation), and we have joined the partners promoting it. We determined our policy in the third medium-term environmental plan, and we are committed to afforestation and planting greenery to contribute to the protection of biodiversity.

Our Tanashi Works is preserving the Musashino Forest, which occupies approximately 30% of the 43,000-m2 campus. This forest contains over 4,500 trees of 40 or more species, and 170 of the trees have been designated protected trees by Nishi-Tokyo City.

Past wildlife habitat surveys confirmed the presence of considerable wildlife in the forest, which is a stronghold for the local ecosystem as well as a precious natural asset for scientific research.

With its abundant greenery, the Tanashi Works has named a portion of these woods the Forest of Inspiration and opened it to the public as a place where local communities and corporations can think together about the future of the earth. Artificial plantings have been avoided so that visitors can get a feeling of what the original Musashino landscape was like. Barrier-free walking paths have been set up with wooden benches to make a place where local residents can come to relax. In the autumn, nursery school children come to gather acorns.

The acorns gathered in the forest at the Tanashi Works are distributed to other works and Group companies for use in our tree-planting campaigns. Our aim is to make effective use of the space within the works, expand the green area, and make it an ecologically friendly facility.

Main building at the Tanashi Works
/ View from the commuter gate

Sidewalk border changed to planting area
(Nihon Spindle Mfg. Co., Ltd.)

Kindergarten children enthusiastically gathering acorns in the Forest of Inspiration

This Forest of Inspiration also has rainwater infiltration pipes installed. Most of the rainwater to date has been channeled through underground rainwater drainage pipes into nearby rivers and streams. There has been some concern that this was causing groundwater to diminish, so that ground subsidence could occur as a result. The occurrence of unanticipated, localized heavy rainstorms and other such phenomena that are thought to be caused by the worldwide environmental problem of global warming has raised concern about flooding damage in neighboring areas, including residential neighborhoods. The rainwater infiltration pipes that return rainwater into the earth constitute a measure for protection of the natural environment by remedying the depletion of groundwater, reducing the risk of ground subsidence, and so on.

Rainwater Infiltration Pipes Laid Underground

At the Niihama Factory, we have demolished buildings as part of redevelopment of the campus and converted those areas to greenery. Plans call for continuing expansion of green areas. All our factories are also engaged in green curtain activities.

Green curtain at the Niihama Factory