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The Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group contributes to building an affluent society with "manufacturing" technology

Since its foundation as a repair shop for the Besshi Copper Mine in 1888, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group has moved in step with social and industrial development. With a manufacturing technology nurtured by a tradition spanning more than 100 years, we make use of proven technologies that "actuate and control" devices from the world of nanotechnology to gigantic structures to realize original ideas and dreams.

Business size

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Business summary

Segment Products
Machinery Components

Power transmission equipment, Inverters

We handle speed reducers, which are devices for lowering the number of motor revolutions and raising torque. Taking part in a broad range of markets, speed reducers are used in conveyance lines at factories, in robotic joints and in the drive systems of a range of machines.
Precision Machinery

Plastic injection molding machines, cyclotrons for medical use, ion accelerators, plasma coating systems, laser processing systems, cryogenic equipment, precision positioning equipment, Transfer Molding Presses, precision forgings, defense equipment

We handle the injection molding machines for making plastic products, devices for manufacturing liquid crystal and semiconductors, and devices for diagnosing and curing cancer. Among injection molding machines, products that require precision machining are one of our particular specialties.
Construction Machinery

Hydraulic excavators, Mobile cranes, Road machinery

An extremely fuel-efficient product, our hydraulic excavator was the first construction machinery to win the Energy Conservation Grand Prize. Featuring outstanding maneuverability, the Good Design Award is another stellar achievement for the excavator.
Industrial Machinery

Forging presses, Material handling systems, Logistics & handling systems, Turbines, Pumps

We handle products referred to as heavy machinery. They include forging presses for producing components for automobile engines, large cranes for shipyards and ports, steam turbines for private power generation at factories, automated warehouse systems etc.


We specialize in midsized tankers with a capacity in the 100,000 ton class. By narrowing down the types of ships, we have raised development efficiency and we take pride in a low fuel consumption that is in the top class for the industry.
Environmental Facilities & Plants

Boilers, industrial waste treatment facilities, water and sewage treatment systems, pulp manufacturing equipment, reactor container vessels

We also handle boilers that are 100% biomass fuel compatible, and energysaving effluent treatment facilities. Our products also include exhaust gas processing facilities that do not use water, and facilities for recovering metals from waste.