New Water Gate Hoist Model Driven by Hydraulic Motors
Takahiro IWANAGA, Hiromichi KUBONOYA and Naoya SATOU

We have developed a new water gate hoist model driven by multiple hydraulic motors. The conventional hoists for large or high lift gates are operated by motor-driven winches. Since the application of hydraulic motors eliminates the reduction gears and fan brakes required for motor-driven devices, it meets the increasing requirements to reduce cost and to make more compact devices. Two or more hydraulic motors directly connected with a winch drum generate the necessary torque to operate a water gate. Our device has the advantage in cost and operability over those of our competitors. One of the features is that our device is operative even if one of the hydraulic motors fails.This report outlines the new water gate hoist model and discusses the results of the laboratory tests conducted to demonstrate its performance.